What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and natural form of healing that works with the body's own immune system. It works at an energetic level, stimulating the body's own healing abilities. The principles of homeopathy, pioneered over 200 years ago, seek to treat the whole person rather than treat an ailment in isolation.

Key principles of Homeopathy

  • Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's own immune system.
  • Treatments involve giving very small doses of natural substances (remedies) that are 'like for like'. A remedy is made from a substance that, in its crude form, would produce similar symptoms in a healthy individual to those which it will cure in the sick.
  • Treatments are individualised. Remedies are selected according to the total picture of a patient, including physical symptoms, their lifestyle, emotional and mental state as well as other factors.
"treat the whole person rather than treat an ailment"
Help your body to help itself